Since a while I´m working exclusively on the computer with 3D programs, thats the way, my sculptures and jewelry are created.

This technique is innovative and offers many advantages over conventional methods. But it does´nt mean, that the expenditure of time is less.

The advantage is , that a once created artwork always can be modified and also sizes can be modified as desired. In addition, there is the option to make a model in different materials if the model is convenient for the appropriate material.

After developing a piece of jewelry, I usually make a prototype. If the prototype corresponds to my ideas, I make a wax model. The model is then part of the solid collection.

All jewelery of my collection are manufactured in Germany by specialized companies with many years of experience – exclusively for Eros Fine Art made of precious metals.

Individual pieces and custom-made products are manufactured in a well-established 3D printing shop with appropriate machines and expert knowledge in a favorable material.

The range of 3D printable materials is constantly being expanded, from precious metals to aluminum, plastics to porcelain. Plastic or sandstone is suitable for larger pieces and sculptures.



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